Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Out of the Bright" by Jules Hedger


SERIES: Reign and Ruin #2
PUBLISHER: This Thistle Press
GENRE: NA Fantasy
SOURCE: Author
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository

Cirrus wears the crown. Nightmares are behaving strangely. And in the hidden corners of the Middle Canvas there are secrets far more dangerous than demons. Gun. Politics. The Riders. Maggie is the Daughter of Palet—weapon of the rebellion—but the Reign Walk is not easily forgotten. When given the opportunity to join the fight, she throws herself where even Lucan isn’t able to follow. She is back. She has returned. And Cirrus knows he can never let her out of his sight again. But in the new household of the king, whispers spread like spark over tinder. Is Maggie a spy or a lover? Or can she be both and still accept his darkness, his dreams and his soul?


The Reign Walk is over and—although it didn't go as expected for our heroine—Maggie is with the Riders, so how could things possibly get worse? One thing the world of Palet taught us is that safety is overrated and nightmares are always on the horizon...

It's never only black or white in Palet, there's not a simple way to discern between good and bad, and you may very well struggle to just love or hate a character. It's with this inner battle that you keep turning page after page, and it's with passion and excitement that you ask yourself: who the bloody hell is the real villain? I dare you to stick with one answer through the end. Same challenge applies to the beautiful duo: the King or the Rebel? I know the majority is with Lucan, but I believe this instalment gives the readers the chance to see Cirrus under a different lightoh boy!—and perhaps helps Maggie to clear some of her own doubts... Can she do that before the mission she's on goes too far?

Darker than the first instalment, this book makes for a wonderful read also thanks to Jules Hedger's writing, which is kind of poetic and quite unique. I'm in love with the fantasy world she has created, the characters she has portrayed and the mystery and unexpected turn of events you can be sure to find every time. After the last chapter, I can barely stand to know what's next!

RATING: 4.5/5
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