Friday, April 17, 2015

"TAG" by Shari J. Ryan


SERIES: Stand-alone
PUBLISHER: Booktrope Editions
GENRE: NA Romantic Suspense
SOURCE: Freebie
LINKS: Goodreads

What if your family had a big secret...a life changing secret. My dad, the bigwig CIA agent, was always on the run, whether he was being chased or doing the chasing. I missed him. Then my mom passed away, and my sister was murdered. I turned my solitude to strength because the alternative was too bleak. But my luck seemed to turn: I met Tango. And while I want him more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my twenty-two years, danger lurks around every corner and I simply can’t take the chance of it finding me. But his tattoos, his smell, his darkness, and his body—that marine has taken over my every thought. But, what if he too isn’t what I think? A ticking time bomb isn’t going to leave me much time to waver. Even the bravest person can be in need of a miracle. Before she was gone, my mom warned me to know everyone and trust no one. But what was I supposed to do when I found out I am the one not to be trusted? Turns out, I was always the bait in this conspiracy.


Recommended by a friend, I grabbed this book while it was free and read it over the weekend. Now, despite some mixed feelings I had with a few events and behaviours, I'm glad I gave this book a go and I wouldn't mind reading more from this author.

I can assure you I never got bored but, although especially the second part of the book was action packed, I felt like some events were a bit rushed and received a too 'easy' resolution... I also think that what everyone was looking for in the story could be seen like something unbelievable, but it does symbolise a hope we all have and I get that. What I couldn't seriously ignore were Cali's parents' actions. I can't honestly understand how a parent would carry on and be good with a decision that not only causes pain, but serious (irreparable) damage to their daughters. In this precise case, there is no amount of explanations that would personally make me change my mind and be forgiving.

Still, the book was quite suspenseful and with a heroine being the kick-ass type, a different, very interesting and fun first encounter between the couple, the meaning behind the title and some engaging twists and turns, the read was definitely entertaining.



  1. Oh too bad it wasn't more for you but I can understand, I struggle with that as well. I hope the next one is a little better. thanks for the review!

  2. As you know, I just finished a romantic suspense involving the CIA as well :) I think I might just have to try Tag myself, Silvia :)

  3. It was a good read, I'm glad I gave it a go!

  4. And yet, despite the struggle, I can say it was different and a nice distraction.

  5. Hehe, don't I know that? You made me add it to my Kindle in seconds! ;)
    Btw, I think you might enjoy this one, Lexxie :)

  6. I picked it up when it was free too. I was curious about it, and I have to admit I loved the cover. lol. Glad to hear it's a good read. :) And it's a standalone, there aren't enough of those these days.

  7. *sighs* my one-click finger is itching!

  8. Sounds like there was no time to catch your breath. I enjoy bits like that, but prefer things fleshed out more.

  9. I'm glad you did, Melissa, and I completely agree about stand-alones!

  10. Exactly! It's a good read if you're looking for a fast action-packed story with twists and turns sometimes you can't expect.


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