Saturday, May 02, 2015

Darkest Sins turns 4!!!!

Soooo, Silvia is posting on a Saturday? I believe the regular readers of my blog noticed the oddity of that, huh?
I understand, I would be off for the weekend if it wasn't for the fact that Darkest Sins is turning 4 today . . .

Wait . . . Does that mean I've officially been blogging and reviewing for 4 years?

Gosh, I am! Darkest Sins is 4-years-old and I'm . . . Well, older but so damn happy!!

I believe it's safe to say I'm definitely not stopping at this achievement. I mean, after all those years . . .

A big thanks to everyone who showed me and my blog love and support through those amazing four years, I'm grateful to all of you! Of course, a special thanks goes to those who regularly stop by and leave a comment. You and your words make me happy and keep me blogging quite excitingly, thank you SO very much!!!!

I'm afraid I can't afford a giveaway at the moment (bummer, I know!), but I'm going to host a few blitzes and tours with International ones so, stay tuned! ;)

If you're still up for celebrating and making this day even greater for me and my blog, you can follow us through all our social media and spread the word like crazy, just saying! :D

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(Yes, it's going to be like this all day long, WOOT!)
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