Monday, June 08, 2015

"Icebound" by Corinna Rogers


SERIES: Mortals & Myths #1
PUBLISHER: HarperImpulse
GENRE: M/M Urban Fantasy
SOURCE: NetGalley
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository

It’s been ten years since Shane Conell sold his soul to the Ice King in order to save the life of the man he loves. Correction, loved. After ten years, it’s growing difficult to remember love, and hate, and laughter—until a chance appears to get back the only thing his frozen heart still wants… Drake Young is doing fine. Really. He’s got a good job, nice benefits, and the soulless husk of his old lover only comes by to torment him every so often. However, it only takes the appearance of a creature from the Etherworld wreaking havoc on the decidedly nonmagical city streets to drag him out of retirement, forcing him to team up with the one person he can’t bear even to look at! Now, Drake and Shane must race against the clock to keep their city from being destroyed, even if it means working together. And no matter how difficult it is to catch the creature, it’s a hell of a lot more difficult to resist the urges that ten years haven’t managed to kill.


The nice looking cover and the intriguing blurb made me start reading this book with good expectations. Unfortunately, they didn't last long... For the life of me, once I start a book I have to finish it, so I didn't drop this one completely. Nevertheless, I had to re-start it three times before actually going through with it.

For a book mainly classified as urban fantasy, you would expect quite the world-building, but here it's all just terribly confusing and misleading. The writing is very rushed, there are too many sex scenes—at times kind of inappropriate and unnecessary—and also dialogues that make the characters sound like they're sort of out of context. So I'm afraid I really couldn't get into it, and it's a shame because I could see a certain potential that would have worked nicely with a proper development.

RATING:  1/5
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