Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Romance Writing Life Initiative: win a publishing deal!

Calling all aspiring romance writers!
Mills & Boon, Kobo and WHSmith are teaming up to turn your story into an international bestseller!

Three of the book industries finest have collaborated to launch a Romance Writing Life Initiative, to seek and expose new writing talent on a global scale. This is your opportunity to win an exclusive book deal and see your novel get published by the iconic Mills & Boon brand in print, jointly promoted with Kobo on ebook, and supported in-store by WHSmith.

The winner will benefit from working with some of the most revered romance editors in the industry, and receive a prestigious signed print contract from Mills & Boon.

WHSmith will be supporting the book with prime selling position in-store as well as a marketing drive for pre-orders and post release. To reach global audiences, Kobo will be supporting the winner with a pre-order campaign featuring predominantly on the new releases feature page and ongoing digital support.

To be in with a chance to make this a reality, entrants have until July 13th to submit a synopsis and the first chapter of their romance novel, which will be judged by experts at the three major book players including authors, editors and key members of the Mills & Boon, Kobo and WHSmith teams.

The winner can look forward to the book being released in early 2016 with the full support of Mills & Boon, Kobo and WHSmith to ensure maximum success.

To help encourage and support entries, Kobo and Mills & Boon have provided content and guidelines on modern romance writing, to help your journey to getting published.

To enter, find out more about the Romance Writing Life Initiative and writing guidelines,
please visit: www.romancewritinglife.com

*The closing date for entries is midnight, 13th July 2015*

by Mills & Boon author Fiona Harper
  1. Make your hero and heroine earn their happy-ever-after by challenging them to go on an emotional journey. Only if they complete it do they deserve to be together!
  2. Make your heroine someone you’d like to be friends with and your hero someone you could fall in love with.
  3. Pay more attention to the emotional issues keeping your characters apart than problems created by external situations/other people.
  4. Don’t have your hero and heroine hating each other for no reason at the beginning of the story. Have strong, believable reasons to keep them apart.
  5. Don’t just assume readers will believe in the romance just because you’ve put your hero and heroine on the page together. How do these two people challenge and teach each other? How do they complete each other?
Check out Fiona Harper's new Romantic Comedy ‘The Doris Day Vintage Film Club’!

Claire Bixby grew up watching Doris Day films at her grandmother’s house and yearned to live in a world like the one on the screen – sunny, colourful and where happy endings were guaranteed. But recently Claire’s opportunities for a little ‘pillow talk’ have been thin on the ground.
Until she meets new client Nic who comes into her travel agency looking to book the perfect get away. Too bad it’s for two!
But as Nic and Claire get closer, the sparks start to fly, and Claire’s questioning everything Doris taught her about romance.
Can true love ever really be just like it is in the movies?
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…

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  • M&B characters have said “I do” at least 10,000 times
  • M&B characters have shared over 35,000 hugs
  • Pre-marital sex first appeared in M&B novels in the 1970s
  • M&B characters have kissed approx. 30,000 times
  • M&B’s first book was called Arrows From The Dark and was published in March 1909

Good luck to everyone entering this amazing competition!

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