Thursday, July 16, 2015

"Chasing Shade" by Sommer Marsden


SERIES: Stand-alone
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
SOURCE: NetGalley
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository

If she was selfish, she’d let him love her. If she was more selfish, she’d tell him that she loved him too. Betsey’s trying to recover from a violent past that’s still haunting her. Paying emotionally for something she’s never done. She’s created a small safe life. Archie’s homeless, jobless, living on the road and clueless as to where he’s going. Until a hair piece and gas station directions leads him to her. Then he’s just trying to hold onto his emotions as he finds himself falling hopelessly fast for the girl in the yellow uniform. Fate is not dealing them an easy happy ride, though. They’re trying to get through one day at a time. Making it work. Chasing shade…


A stand-alone that can be easily read in one sitting, "Chasing Shade" makes for an interesting read, especially thanks to the dark past that keeps haunting Betsey. A past that now seems determined to ask/get something from her...

I must say, the romance was quite too fast for my taste, but I liked the storyline and the discoveries that we get to make during the read. Plus, with the hero being broke, I found a certain originality that definitely made for an appreciated, refreshing change. I won't hide the fact that I would have preferred for Archie to be more of a mysterious character, but I still really liked his personality and how he helped Betsey with her issues. Yet, although understandable, her insecurities and breakdowns got on my nerves more than once. They seemed to be repetitive, and I also felt like less sex and more relationship development would have had a better impact.

"Chasing Shade" was my firs Marsden's book, which—despite some issues—I enjoyed. I'm happy I gave it a go, and I will probably try some of her other titles in the future.



  1. Glad you were still able to enjoy it! Sounds like change from all the billionaire books I've been seeing lol

  2. That's too bad it was too rushed on the romance side. I read one a while back from Jessica Clare where the hero was broke too. It really was an interesting change of pace.

  3. Um, I am not sure..I like aspects you mentioned but others have me asking if I really need to add another book to my tbr pile.

  4. It was definitely refreshing, Melissa!

  5. I can't remember the last time I read about a hero being broke, so you can imagine how appealing this book was to me. There should be more heroes like this one, it does make things more realistic and interesting.

  6. If it helps, I don't regret reading it, Kimberly.

  7. I know what you mean, I prefer relationship development to insta-love.

  8. The storyline does sound nice and story to hear that the romance was a bit too fast

  9. Besides the romantic aspect, I found the story interesting and I still enjoyed the read.

  10. Even if the romance was a little fast, it sounds like a good read, Silvia, and standalones are actually quite hard to find these days!

  11. Isn't that true? Stand-alones are rare those days, so when you find one you just have this urge to grab it! ;)

  12. Yeah! It's a rare treat to find a book that tells the whole story :)


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