Friday, September 25, 2015

"A Highlander's Heart" by Jennifer Haymore


SERIES: Highland Knights #1
PUBLISHER: Jennifer Haymore
GENRE: Historical Romance
SOURCE: Free E-copy from Amazon

Major Sir Robert Campbell is a hero to the Scots and English alike. He's revered for his prowess as a leader and a soldier. He takes control of any troublesome situation...except when it involves the beautiful English woman who stole his heart four years ago. Lady Claire Campbell was smitten the moment she laid eyes on Rob. Who can resist a powerful Highland Warrior in a kilt? Especially one who has the rugged face of a god and can't take his eyes off you... Time and tragedy have torn Rob and Claire apart, and now Rob is going to the Continent to fight a brutal battle against Napoleon and the French. Claire follows him, desperate to heal what has broken between them. But some wounds go deeper than blows Rob receives on the battlefield. And some wounds can never be healed.


When I saw this free novella I really couldn't resist the temptation... How could I, when I'm such a lover of Jennifer Haymore's stories? This author seems to always succeed in charming me with whatever she writes, no matter the length of the book, and "A Highlander's Heart" is a further proof of this. Rob and Clare have quite the passion burning between them, but their story has definitely more than that to offer. Something happened, a tragic event taking place in their lives made them fall apart and grow distant, so when they see each other again things aren't easy. They now find themselves reunited in the battlefield, a place where perhaps fixing a marriage is not the best but it may help Major Sir Robert Campbell see things through more clearly after all...

In the space of just a few chapters, you find yourself swooning, getting emotional but also laughing. Rob and his companions certainly know how to make an impression and I not only enjoyed every minute spent in their company, but I want to read more about each of them!

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