Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Betrayed" by Helena Newbury


SERIES: Undercover #3
PUBLISHER: Foster & Black New Adult
GENRE: NA Romantic Suspense
SOURCE: Purchased
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository

The final part of the New Adult Romantic Suspense serial, "Undercover."
I have to choose between saving him and saving us. Everything seemed so simple back in the US. He was the bad guy. I was going to stop him. Then I saw the evil he does...and the good inside him. Now they're asking me to do the unthinkable. And no matter which side I betray, I’m going to lose him forever.


This is by far the best serial I've ever read! The story compels the readers from the very beginning and it leaves them hanging and hoping for an ending that perhaps is even better than the one they envisioned. This final part is not just packed with a wonderful chemistry and worrisome situations, there's lots of action, quite the revelations and twists and turns of events that keep you excited until the last page. I loved it! I cheered for Arianna and Luka but, in the end, I also cheered for someone I couldn't fathom to like at all. This is one of the best things in this serial, never take its characters for granted and enjoy every discovery you make.

I really recommend the read to those into this genre and—especially if you're not a big fan of serials—I got some very good news for you! You can read the whole story and be overwhelmed by it in one unique volume called Lying and Kissing. If I were you, I would already be on my way to grab the novel!

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