Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Dirty Rowdy Thing" by Christina Lauren


SERIES: Wild Seasons #2
PUBLISHER: Gallery Books
GENRE: Contemporary/Erotic Romance
SOURCE: Publisher
LINKS: Goodreads | Book Depository

Unlike her best friends Mia and Lola, Harlow Vega has a reputation for always being up for a fling. Twelve drunk and wild hours in Sin City married to the ridiculously hot and rugged Canadian fisherman Finn Roberts, who (no surprise) is amazing with his muscular hands—and lips and the rest of his body—was just her speed. But it was just a thing: dirty, rowdy, and easy...until Finn turns up in her hometown on business. Harlow's not ready to be tied down, but when the whole crew is hanging out together, there's just something about him. It may not be love (hell, it may not even be like), but their exciting, tension-filled hookups provide the perfect distraction from the scary life changes they're both facing—challenges neither is sure how to handle, let alone fix. One night together turns into two, and soon Finn's mysterious business trip has gone on for weeks. They agreed on the sex—wild, wet, kinky—but now their border-crossing booty call is starting to feel like the real deal. And for two people used to being in control, taking the ultimate plunge by falling in love feels a lot more like flat-out falling.


After lots of blogger friends reviewed this series and asked me to give it a go, how could I have passed on the chance the publisher offered me to review this instalment? And the great thing is that, although it was the second in the series, I didn't have any issues with following the story!

Both Harlow and Finn have some very strong personalities that make their interactions quite explosive... They come from different backgrounds but they are similar in more than one way and this is what pushes them toward each other, even though they seem to not stand one another. Could this be because they feel something deeper than what they are willing to admit? The chemistry and very hot encounters are quite entertaining, and the humour so refreshing! I just didn't buy some reactions, I think it's not possible to be forgiving just like that and I didn't particularly love the epilogue, but despite those issues I still had a good time with this novel and every character I met here.

I'm glad I read this book because now I want to come back and pick the first book in the series as well—no matter that I already know a few things because of this instalment—and I'm definitely looking forward the next one, which is focused on a couple I'm really curious and excited about!

RATING: 3.5/5
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