Friday, November 06, 2015

Let's do some colouring!

I've been sick for the past couple of weeks and, let me tell you, not a great feeling . . . I couldn't even bring myself to read that much, and we all know that is not good for bookworms like us :(

Thankfully, I'm almost completely recovered! I still feel a bit down, though, and that's why I decided to start something relaxing and fun at the same time: adult colouring books!!

The lovely people at Midas PR sent me both copies of Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford to review (be sure to follow A Thing for Life to read the review once it's up) and enjoy! You know I'm very artistic, so this is definitely going to cheer me up quite a lot ;)

Lots of my blogger friends have been having a very good time with this activity lately and, I must say, it's always a pleasure following their progresses on Instagram and/or Facebook!

What about you?
Are you into adult colouring books?
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