Monday, May 02, 2016

Five years blogging!

Five years ago I started this blog to share my thoughts on a few reads and the love for books in general with others, but that's pretty common knowledge. What most of you don't know is that I also started blogging because at that time I didn't have a TV. WHAT? Shocking, isn't it? And yet, it's the truth. I lived without television for two years, but I was constantly entertained by my precious books! So, when I found a whole community was out there ready for me to join the awesome family, I was excited and scared at the same time. Why? Well, I think every blogger can tell you this journey is not at all easy peasy . . . Nevertheless, I don't regret my decision for a moment, I'm actually very glad I faced my fear and started Darkest Sins, and extremely thankful for the chance it gave me to meet fantastic bloggers (some of which became dear friends of mine), collaborate with publishers and authors, and help me start working in the book industry.

Life and work got in the way and it's hard to post with the frequency I used to, but you know I have something for you every week! And, after having reached such a huge achievement (yes, five years is a HUGE achievement for a blogger), you can say I don't plan on disappearing ;)

Having said that, cheers to my baby turning five today!!!!! And, of course, cheers to all of you readers of my blog, followers and supporters, who make my day every time you stop by and read my posts! Also, a special thanks to regular readers and commenters, you guys most definitely helped this blog grow and keep going, so here's the biggest of THANK YOU from a very grateful and happy blogger!
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