Thursday, October 06, 2016

"Come to Me Recklessly" by A.L. Jackson


SERIES: Closer to You #3
GENRE: NA Contemporary Romance
SOURCE: Publisher

Christopher Moore gave up on the idea of 'the one' years ago. Now, his life is an endless string of parties and an even longer string of girls. Enjoying the perks with none of the emotional mess, he's convinced everyone that he's satisfied—everyone but himself. Samantha Schultz has moved on with her life. Finishing her student teaching and living with her boyfriend, she's deluded herself into believing she's content. But there is one boy she never forgot—her first love—and she keeps the memory of him locked up tight. She will never allow any man to break the way Christoper did. When Christoper's sister and her family move into a new neighbourhood, Christoper is completely unprepared to find Samantha living at the end of the street. Memories and unspent desires send them on a collision course of sex, lies and lust. But when guilt and fear send Samantha running, Christoper will have to fight for what has always been his.


I was familiar with A.L. Jackson because many bloggers I know read her books and always seem to have quite the best of times with them, but never actually tried one myself. And I have to tell you, I didn't know exactly what I was going into when I initially picked this title, but boy if I was all in once I started reading it!

Told from both point of views—which I personally love—Christopher and Samantha's story proves to be quite the journey. Life events that drastically have an impact on people living under certain rules they don't understand or simply disagree with, already make it quite challenging for a couple of sixteen-year-old trying to live their relationship. Then, if something else happens, it all falls apart because, let's face it, fate really has some very bad sense of humour at times. And it doesn't seem like that has improved seven years later. Both Christoper and Samantha aren't fine as they say, and they most certainly have lots to talk about. If they can have a conversation, that is. Misunderstandings and two broken-harts make that almost impossible, and the reader goes through upsetting and emotional moments just like this intense couple.

A.L. Jackson's beautiful writing dragged me in from beginning to end. Although I know how things end for the previous couple, I would still read the first two instalments because I can't help but being completely fascinated by her characters. Fist book I read by this author, not my last one!

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