Monday, October 31, 2016

FairyLoot October Unboxing: Steampunk Rebellion

Is this . . . ? Oh yeah, I'm about to blow your minds with a new, cool FairyLoot unboxing!

In August, I introduced you to this Book Subscription Box with my very first unboxing, but I warned you it wasn't going to be my last. And the thing is this is such an addictive box that who really knows when I'm going to stop? But, for now, let's concentrate on this month's theme: STEAMPUNK REBELLION.

If you are a real rebel, go ahead and see what's inside this S-T-A-R-T-L-I-N-G steampunk box . . .

by Meraki Candles

I watched this movie the night before this box was delivered to my door so, when I opened it and it said "which faction are you in, or are you Divergent?", I actually started to sweat because, oh boy, my destiny was about to be chosen . . . Hehe, watch it guys, I'm in the Dauntless faction, and I smell soooo good!!

by Cogs and Curiosities & FairyLoot

This was a real surprise! I wasn't expecting themed jewellery but, in all honesty, part of me was hoping this might happen. A ring—that fits me well—containing actual watch parts. It's pretty, shiny and it makes you ask: Could it possibly get any cooler than this?

Apparently YES, it can! My "Squee!" might have been heard by the whole neighborhood, but it couldn't really be contained (sorry, not sorry). I love butterflies, and being in possession of such an awesome piece of steampunk jewellery does, in fact, make me feel like I'm ready to take on any steampunk rebellion!

by Read at Midnight

I'm sure lovers of this series recognised the quote even before reaching the end, right? ;) First time FairyLoot featured an item like this and, let's face it, they totally nailed it! It's absolutely gorgeous, I just wonder if I'll ever have the heart to use it . . . *carefully re-folds it and locks it in a safe place*

by Behind The Pages

With this lip balm smelling like spice and rain, Gina of Behind the Pages gets you ready to kiss Elias Veturious. Now, I haven't read An Ember in the Ashes yet, but surely enough my lips appreciate the thoughtful gift and the implication of a delectable book boyfriend . . .

by Happy Hello Inc & FairyLoot

This could have gone in two ways, getting Jem or Will from The Infernal Devices. And Will it is for me. I can't believe my luck, seriously. PLUS, these kind of bookmarks are super-lovely and I can tell with extreme certainty that I'm heading over to Happy Hello for more!!!!

Little did FairyLoot know about my love for planning and stationary items with a BIG passion, but a lot they know on how to make their customers' day! I'm beyond thrilled with this washi tape, it's just perfect and you can bet I'm definitely going to put it to good use! *cheers to more of this stuff*

by Kristen Simmons

While I knew of this author, I really had no idea about her new book, which was very well received. Together with the great hardback, we got a signed bookplate, a personalised letter, and a very cool badge. Anyone thinks I should #pressback and read it sooner rather than later?

I LOVED this box, FairyLoot did a brilliant job with this theme and every item thoughtfully picked!

I'm impatiently waiting for next month's box, not only because everything inside never fails to amaze, but also because of the theme: ROYALS & ROGUES! Stay tuned for my unboxing at the end of November ;)
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