Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Ultraviolet" by Jessica Sorensen


SERIES: Ultraviolet #1
PUBLISHER: Jessica Sorensen
GENRE: Horror/Fantasy
SOURCE: Freebie
LINKS: Goodreads

Hidden in the Red Hill Mountains is the quiet town of Hollows Grove. In that town there is a field where a secret is buried deep beneath the ground. And in that field is where Mila was found abandoned with no memory of her past and haunted by visions of the future. Nine years later, Mila’s life is almost as normal as any other eighteen-year-old. That is until she starts foreseeing the murder of Nyjah Bradley, a guy she’s never met before, but whose face is branded into her mind. Constantly plagued by the vision, Mila decides to track Nyjah down and warn him of his impending death. But when the search leads her back to Hollows Grove, she learns there’s more to the sleepy town than meets the eye.


I'm not knew to Jessica Sorensen, but so far I've stuck with her contemporary romances and I wanted to see if her fantasy stories would work for me as well, especially since—as some of you are aware of—I love that genre a lot. "Ultraviolet" was the 'chosen one', a book—in what appears to be a serial—I devoured and loved from beginning to end. Wait, there is no end here. In fact, when you reach the last page you ask where the second part is coming out because you truly need to know what happens next!

Sorensen did a very good job delivering a fast-paced, captivating read with a mystery mixed to fantasy that might give you some goosebumps along the way, and certainly opens the door for something really good—and dark. I'm glad I picked it, I would suggest you to take it under consideration for the spookiest of months...

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