Monday, January 09, 2017

"A Promise of Fire" by Amanda Bouchet


SERIES: Kingmaker Chronicles #1
GENRE: Fantasy
SOURCE: Publisher

In the icy north, where magic is might, and all-powerful elite—ruthlessly guided by a glacial queen—has grown to dominate the world. Now rebellion is stirring in the magic-poor south where, for the first time in memory, a warlord has succeeded in uniting the tribal nations. Stuck in the middle is Cat, circus performer and soothsayer, safely hidden behind the harmless illusion of the circus. Until someone suspects she's more than she seems... Captured by the southern warlord, Griffin, Cat's careful camouflage is wearing thin. For how long can she conceal the true extent of her power? Faced with dragons, rival gods and the traitorous longings of her own heart, she must decide: is it time to claim her destiny and fight?


I love fantasy, but I genuinely don't remember the last time I read a book like this. Or, better yet, a book that would remind me of the time when I couldn't read anything else besides this genre. I feel like I've waited an eternity for the emotions to resurface, but thanks to this author the magic is back, and the wait was worth it!

The author did a fantastic job combining Greek mythology and places with her own vision of Gods and rulers—some of whom are anything but what you'd expect them to be like—she created a charming world that is action-packed, full of intriguing plots and that also offers a different kind of romance. Cat and Griffin are amazing, their banters are a pure pleasure to read and the tension building is so well done that you might struggle at times because you are not sure if you want them to go for it, or make the wait last longer... Not many books make you feel like a masochist of some sorts, just for this you should be really intrigued!

Magic, Gods, mythological creatures, realms, and everything fantasy that comes to mind is in this book. Grab your copy, stick your nose in it—yes, sniff the pages because we all know that's one of the biggest pleasures for a book lover—and let Amanda Bouchet enrapture you with a magically wondrous story...

RATING: 4.5/5

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