Wednesday, March 29, 2017

FairyLoot March Unboxing: Myths & Monsters

Aaaand I'm back with one of my fave bookish things ever, a gorgeous FairyLoot unboxing!

The last time I blew your mind with this book subscription box it was at the end of 2016, when I posted my December unboxing. After that, I had to take a break (I hated doing that!), but I warned you I wasn't done with this by a long shot. And what better time to get back to collecting books & goodies than March, the Anniversary month of FairyLoot? *throws confetti* I also believe there are many of you who are going to get excited just at the mention of this month's themeMYTHS & MONSTERS.

You, guys, I'm in love with this box for so many reasons and yes, one of them is the box being purple! I mean, p-u-r-p-l-e! <3 And to top it off, here come the dragons treats . . .

by GivArt

I can't even . . . Seriously, what can you say to this? It's a freaking Dragon scarf made of soft Balinese yarn. It's truly soft, the colour works with basically everything, and I just wanna wear it all. The. Time! Can you blame me? No worries, as FairyLoot assured their subscribers, no dragons were harmed in the making of this scarf. ;)

by Mustard

Who wants to be a unicorn? And those who don't, come on, you know you want to see one. I haven't had any luck so far and, believe me, I looked, but they hide so well . . .  *sigh* At least I got this dreamy consolation prize now, which brightens the spirit AND possibly some bookshelves.

by Geeky Clean

It's not the first time I find a product from this supplier in these boxes and, let me tell you, it has become one of my personal favourite. The candles always smell so damn good and this one is no exception, although it sort of turns me into a bit of a creeper . . . "Come out, come out, Nephilim, wherever you are, I wanna smell you!"

by Book Otter

I confess I have mixed feelings about mermaids, sometimes I like them, others not so much. However, I don't mind receiving stuff related to them, especially if the item comes in the form of a pocket mirror. What girl doesn't use it? And this one is catchy, it's almost like it calls to me . . . Do you hear someone singing, too?

by Bonitismo

EVERY time you give me a magnetic bookmark, you can be sure to make me happy, and also be prepared to receive a hug from me. As you can see, I got two here, so I guess double *virtual* hug it is!! Now excuse me for a second, I have to put these two cuties away before they get any ideas and fly away . . .

by Laini Taylor

Round of applause to FairyLoot for picking another book I had my eyes on! Not only that, but this book is also a special UK edition with sprayed blue edges, and there's an artwork on the inside page together with the author's signature. Good enough to you? Because they even included a postcard and a letter from the author, which just makes you appreciate the whole thing even more!

I really adored this box, FairyLoot definitely rocked their One Year Anniversary!

Do you want more? I surely do, that's why I already purchased next month's box, WOOT! And if April wasn't an already special month to this soon-to-be-birthday girl, FairyLoot is going to make it even more precious with their theme: DREAMS & WISHES! Be sure to check my unboxing at the end of April :D
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