Wednesday, April 26, 2017

FairyLoot April Unboxing: Dreams & Wishes

If you were dreaming of another FairyLoot unboxing, your wish has just been granted!

I had a real blast with my March unboxing, I think that box is potentially my fave so far and it's probably going to be hard to top off. However, this subscription box never fails to deliver great things, and I can honestly say—as predicted—I found something of my liking in this month's theme: DREAMS & WISHES.

Close your eyes, make a wish, and let's see if it comes true . . .

by Risa Rodil

Second mug I get from a FairyLoot box—hopefully not the last one—and I'm super happy!! I really like the design and I get it, really, after I don't know how many items related to it sent my way, and plenty of friends "begging" me to read it, I think it's time to grab Sarah J. Maas' series . . . Hey, the dream has been answered, so does that make me the star? ;P

by Miss Phi

On a scale from one to ten, how would you say this quote is spot on? Twelve, right? Also, anyone think I should make a note to read The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon? *spreads post-it notes around the house* Honestly can't wait to carry this beauty around!

by Portico

Ok, forget post-its, I found something better to write my notes on! This notebook—which has foil detailing and gilt edges—comes from a lovely birthstone collection you can see on Portico website (link above). FairyLoot sent all twelve of them randomly, and I got August. Not my birth month, but still a special month to me so YAY! Nevertheless, I'm one who appreciates notebooks in all their forms/months/gems/whatever.

by Meraki Candles

They said the scent of this candle is daydreaming . . . Guys, it's like perfume, one of these you smell on someone and want to ask what is it and where they bought it right away. Too bad I can only light this and not rub it on my skin! Oh well, I suppose I'll have to daydream of that ;)

by House of Wonderland

Not many know—so sshh, keep the secret between us—that I have a very old bag (middle school Silvia) with my fave pins & buttons on it. So guess where this dreamy one is going to end? My collection is going to be as pleased as I am just by looking at it!

by FairyLoot

Sometimes you just need the reminder, and always keep your hopes up! Thanks FairyLoot, I think this would look lovely on the fridge, but I can't put it there so I'll have to find somewhere else. Let's see if by following the lil dream to display the magnet, it knows the way . . .

by Mindy McGinnis

I've been seeing this book featured on more than one Waiting on Wednesday lately, and I added it to my list since the first time I saw it, so of course I did a happy dance the moment it came out of the box! It's also pretty nice to have gotten a letter from the author and the signed bookplate.


We got a couple of bonus items as well, both postcards from two books that, surprise, surprise, I have on my TBR list!! Also, the Spindle Fire postcard has a quote on the other side that would look even nicer framed.

After such dreamy items, I can hardly wait to see what FairyLoot has in the box next!

If you enjoyed this unboxing, and you're by any chance into epic fantasy, you shall not miss next month's theme: WARRIOR & LEGENDS! Can't wait to find out what's inside that box and share it with you all :D
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