Monday, July 24, 2017

New & Improved: Mind Reader 2.0!

 Mind Reader 2.0
Can I have your attention, please? *clears voice* On behalf of the blogging community—pretty sure all the great bloggers won't mind me doing this—I'd like to give the warmest of welcome backs to my bestie, Fran!

Some of you might have recognised her name because of her book blog, Mind Reader. She put it on a hiatus that, in the end, lasted two years... Well, we all know the struggle, right? Being a blogger is not as easy as many believe and sometimes we do need a break, especially if we are going through something personal, or life simply gets in the way. And when does that not happen? Fran had plenty on her plate, BUT she felt like this was the right time for her to re-open, AND with a nice change. From now on, she is going to talk about lots of things, not just books, and she certainly hopes to engage in conversations with everyone of you!

So, without further ado, here's the new & improved version of her previous blog, now called Mind Reader 2.0! Stop by, say hi, and don't forget to follow. Let's make Fran feel part of this amazing community again or, better yet, like she has never left! :D

P.S. Do you like the header? Guess who designed it? ;)
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