Friday, October 06, 2017

"Chasing Embers" by James Bennett


SERIES: Ben Garston #1
GENRE: Fantasy
SOURCE: Publisher

There's nothing special about Ben Garston. Or so he'd have you believe. He won't tell you, for instance, that he's also known as RED BEN. Or that the world of myth and legend is more real than you think. Because it's his job to keep all that a secret. But now a centuries-old rivalry has resurfaced, and the delicate balance between his world and ours is about to be shattered. Something is hiding in the heart of the city—and it's about to be unleashed.


If you expect a fantasy story like the ones you are used to, you are mistaken. If you think this is a regular urban fantasy book, you are wrong again. But if you are thoroughly looking to be dragged into an urban world where myths and legends are real but unknown—or foolishly dismissed—then bingo!

The world described by the author is the sad truth we live in with the exception of dragons and other mythical creatures surrounding us, although they are extremely careful not to let humans know of their presence. It's important their identities stay hidden, and that is why Ben can't share his real-self with the woman he loves, Rose, who is quite a surprising heroine. But if romance is not easy for Ben—is it in the cards for him at all?—the danger he has to face now is even worse... I'm usually more for dialogues than descriptions, but this book wouldn't work well without the latter and I personally think the author did a fantastic job. The whole mythology is fascinating, the background given to the readers is enrapturing, and I find myself lucky because I've been in all the main locations where the story takes place, so it was like visiting them all over again and I loved it.

An action-packed legendary story that sucked me in the moment I started the read. To all lovers of fantasy—and DRAGONS!—I'd suggest you to go Chasing Embers. *winks*

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