Friday, October 20, 2017

"The Baron Next Door" by Erin Knightley


SERIES: Prelude to a Kiss #1
GENRE: Historical Romance
SOURCE: Publisher

After a season spent at the mercy of the whispering Ton, Bath's first music festival offers Charity the perfect escape: freedom to play the pianoforte to her heart's content. That is, until their insufferably rude, though undeniably handsome, neighbour tells her to keep the 'infernal racket' to a minimum. Hugh Danby, Baron Cadgwith, is in Bath to heal hidden wounds, both mental and physical. He may think he's finally put an end to the noise next door, but he has no idea what he's begun. The more he discovers about Charity, the more he finds her bothersome, vexing and... inexplicably enchanting. Before long, Hugh suspects that even if his body heals, it's his heart that might end up broke.


While many readers are losing themselves into horrors and such this spooky month, I found myself wanting to visit another time, meet an unusual couple, and read a different kind of Regency Romance. And wasn’t Erin Knightley just the right author to pick for this?

The romance in here has a different pace than the one we are used to in historical romance reads—at least it is so from the ones I've immersed myself into so far—and that’s not bad at all. The hero went through a lot and he’s in need of healing in more ways than people can imagine. Of course, how can they when he keeps everyone at a distance? Or so he tries, sometimes duty calls and a Baron is 'forced' to make an appearance for the sake of his title. But what when he’s home and he must have others to keep it quiet? His neighbour won’t stop practising her pianoforte skills, she needs music as much as he needs silence, and here’s the challenge: how to make her stop? And how to make him understand how important this is to her? So, from a polite—and yet rude—first encounter to banters, interesting balcony meetings, and truths gradually revealed, Hugh Danby and Charity Effington definitely keep you entertained.

With an original story and all strong characters with quite the attitude, “The Baron Next Door” offers a very nice escape (to Bath!). Even though I missed that little something that makes me completely love a book, I truly enjoyed the read, and when I put it back on my shelf, I still had a smile on my face.

RATING: 3.5/5
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