Monday, November 27, 2017

New glasses call for new books!

Hello regular & new readers of my blog :)

Hope you are all more than well! I've been taking my reading slow lately because I kept experiencing some discomfort with my eyes and developing very unpleasant headaches . . . Do not worry, though, I should be fine soon. I had an eye test appointment last week, apparently I needed new reading glasses. My eyesight has always been perfect (yay!), but I always had to wear glasses to relax my vision—you'd be surprised how much that reduces my headaches—and protect my eyes when I read and I'm front of the computer. So, knowing me and what I do, that means basically almost every moment of the day, right? :P

My new glasses will be ready this Saturday, so I'll finally be able to enjoy my fave form of escapism by the end of the week, YES!

In the meantime, anyone feels like recommending me some books? Any of your faves—old or new—you think I should try? Stand-alones, series, novellas . . . Leave a comment and I'll be more than happy to check them out, you know my darkest sins weaknesses ;)
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