Monday, December 18, 2017

Laughing all the way, it's time for a Christmas break!

Believe it or not, I started planning everything when November kicked in, and by December 2nd all presents were here, the ones that needed to be sent to family got delivered, decorations were up, and I had real fun!

Now it's Christmas week, tons of people are running like crazy trying desperately to find what they want—or at least something that doesn't look like a last minute gift—shipping is tricky, if not impossible, and those who laughed out loud and made fun of me when I announced I was already planning Christmas last month, suddenly wish they followed my example. Soooo . . .

Who's laughing now?

Seriously, though, I hope you guys are good and settled!
Darkest Sins and I are going on a break until the New Year, which we hope is going to be brilliant! I'd just like to thank you all once more for making 2017 such a good year for us, your support has been amazing, the awards received unexpected and SO much appreciated, and your friendship simply precious. THANK YOU ALL!

Have a joyful Christmas everyone, see you in 2018 :D
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