Friday, January 19, 2018

"Dangerous" by Nora Ash


SERIES: Made & Broken #1
PUBLISHER: Little Huldra Media
GENRE: Dark Romance
SOURCE: Freebie
LINKS: Goodreads

I hurt, break and kill for a living. The Family point, I deliver. But this time, they ask too much. This time, they want me to marry the one woman who knows my secret. She has reason to hate me, I know, but I'll take her, I'll break her, and I'll make her mine. That's the only way I can keep my secret. 
When I ran away eight years ago, I thought I’d escaped the underworld I'd always known. I made a life for myself. I thought I was free. Then my past came knocking at my door. Now I’m marrying the son of London’s biggest crime family. A man who hates me as much as I hate him. He’s ruthless, brutal, and dangerous—everything I’ve always feared. He's taken away the life I built, he's taken my freedom. And now, I fear he's taken my sanity, too. How else could I have ended up pregnant with his baby? 


I love when a freebie turns out SO good that I grab the other instalments in the series right away! And, believe me, there's a big chance that if you read Blaine's book, you'll want to know about the other Steel brothers, too.

I read this book in one sitting and I can honestly say it has it all: plot, suspense, intriguing characters, banters, a gotta-work-for-it romance, hot tattoos, the uncontrollable curling of your toes... the essentials, really—insert grin and wink. From their first encounter, Blaine and Mira grab the reader's attention with their different personalities, and then the worryingly similar dark background they come from starts to make things particularly interesting. As wrong as some arrangements sound, we're talking about mafia families, would you expect a walk in the park? Well, Mira can't even go to her own backyard unsupervised, imagine planning an escape. And to make it all even more twisted, you could find yourself not wanting her to succeed...

Up for it yet? If to give this cake a bite you need the cherry on top, that'd be I-have-to-know-that-unbelievably-interesting-sociopath-better Marcus and the double trouble twin brothers, Liam and Louis. I know they say you shouldn't eat too many sweets, but there are times when—although Dangerous—a sweet tooth is worth it!

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