Friday, April 13, 2018

"Flesh Into Fire" by J.A. Huss and Johnathan McClain


SERIES: Original Sin #3
PUBLISHER: Science Future Press
GENRE: Romantic Suspense
SOURCE: Authors
LINKS: Goodreads

Payback is owed. And Maddie Clayton is going to collect. This time Carlos and Logan have gone too far. People are dead, lives have been changed, and she’s had enough. Plus, she’s got the Devil on her side, so when an enemy turns into a friend with an idea of how to take Carlos down, she’s in. Tyler Morgan has been fighting back his whole adult life. He’s ready for anything when it comes to payback. But endangering Maddie can’t be part of the deal. Unfortunately for him, once Maddie gets an idea in her head, there’s no stopping her. Her debt has been paid in blood and she wants revenge. His fight is still there, but now he’s got more at stake than himself. The end is coming. But even if they win against Carlos, they can still lose each other.


After a less exciting second instalment, here comes the revenge of the third book... My knees were bouncing with impatience because I had it in my heart this series would pick right up and boy, was I right?

Full of danger, guessing, twists, and menacing surroundings—not to mention the crazy bad guys—the plot took a turn that kept me engaged and totally intrigued. Also, my attachment to some minor characters might have escalated into adoration for a few. Seriously, it seems like there is no one—good or bad—in this story that won't grab your attention, or make you feel something for a reason or another. As a reader, I obviously crave a bond with the main characters, but I truly cherish any kind of connection with the minor ones, especially since that doesn't happen as much as we'd like. The interest we have in everyone here runs high during the whole read, but so does the suspense while Tyler and Maddie enter the 'devil's lair' trying to put an end to his reign. Can they really fool Carlos and get out of such a scary life-threatening situation alive?

Packed with action, intrigue, and that awesome Tyler dose of humour that never stops delighting the reader, "Flesh Into Fire" is an unputdownable book! Passion is Rising indeed, and I surely can't wait to read what Huss and McClain have planned for the big finale.

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