Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Me Before Darkest Sins . . .

Wait, it's May 2nd? 2018? Already?? Guys, it's Darkest Sins' Seventh Blogoversary!!!!!!! :D

Saying time flies is an understatement, isn't it? And yet, oh my, who would have ever thought I'd reach such an achievement?

Now, what can I do to properly celebrate? I believe it would make my blog very happy if I'd say something about how this amazing journey started and what path it has taken, but I also think you wouldn't mind a surprise or two at the end of it, huh? So let me tell you a story I'm gonna call ME BEFORE DARKEST SINS . . .

Who was I? Why, Silvia, of course! :P Alright, I'll (try to) be serious . . . I was a 20-year-something struggling with life in London, living in a flat that didn't even have a TV, looking for a(ny) job and exhausted of hearing: "You're too qualified for this". Oh, didn't you know? You are either still inexperienced for the job you dream of, or you are too well educated to do something 'below' your qualification. Thanks, that is surely a line of thought to appreciate (NOT) when someone is basically broke.

Feeling truly down and on the verge of crying every day, I would either grab a book or a manga and drown my sadness in my precious reads, until it hit me! What if I started a book blog? Could there be someone out there appreciating it? Would anyone even notice it? Oh well, what did I have to lose, right?

I kid you not, the whole process went like this in my mind:
  • STEP 1. Research blogging platforms and find the right one for you.
  • STEP 2. Come up with a name for your blog. *a few minutes pass* Do not panic, you can do this, you are so very creative after all! *hours tick by* Oh, what about tha— Nah. *the day after* That's it, I love this one and I don't care if no one will like it. -> Oh-oh, someone is already in denial.
  • STEP 3. Give your blog a personal touch.
  • STEP 4. Write your first post and schedule it.
  • STEP 5. What are you waiting for? Click on publish.
  • STEP 6. OMG, just do it already!
  • STEP 7. Chew on your nails waiting for your first follower/comment to show up . . . Will they ever?

Phew, see? In the end there was nothing to worry about, it's aaaall good! Then why am I still chewing my damn nails? Let me reveal a secret, even those who have been around for years never stop stressing, or getting a bit anxious. It's your baby we're talking about after all, you cherish it with your whole heart, and of course you want others to like it, too. Well, at least you hope they will.

Note to newbies: there is no real formula to follow, just be kind and always be yourself. Fear not, as long as you have a big passion driving you, it's going to be fine, and you'll mostly want to fight anxiousness with contentedness.

As you can see, Darkest Sins didn't just save me from a bad time in my life, it actually changed it. Thanks to this (still going) adventure, I became more confident and expanded my skills. I managed a book tour company for three years which offered marketing services for authors, I DO graphic designs and video editing works, and now I'm on Society6 as well. Oops, I haven't told you that last part before, have I? Still growing but please, check it out! Now, why wouldn't I want to add some fun in all this? And so I threw fan-videos in the mix! Believe it or not, I used to be a vidder back when YouTube wasn’t even born. I actually never stopped making that kind of videos, I just didn't post them until my sister asked me if she could upload a few of our collaborations on her channel. Fun fact, if you really love your lil sister, you can't say no to her. And good thing I love her so much because one of our videos has already 22k visits! How crazy is that?

To (hopefully) your joy, I finally uploaded a fan-video on my own channel. I'm pretty sure the title of this post and the animated gifs accompanying my words have given you a pretty big clue on what it is about, hehe. I'm a bookworm at heart, could I have picked something non-related to our beloved world to start with? ;) The video is right below, click on it and enjoy it! Also, if you feel like it, subscribe to my channel, where you can go through my playlists for more, different videos. Thank you!

Oh please, like I would EVER leave you with no International Giveaway. Don't you know me better than that? I've been around for seven years after all! :P To enter, use the widget below, in a week's time I'll draft the winner. Just know that after you have been contacted, you have 48 hours to reply and claim the Me Before You Trilogy I'll purchase for you through Book Depository. IF you guys already have the books and you win, you can then email me a friend's address and I'll send the gift their way instead :)


Me Before Darkest Sins

P.S. My readers and fellow bloggers are amazing, I appreciate each and everyone of you a lot, and I can't thank you enough for all the love and support you keep showing to me and my blog! Nevertheless, THANK YOU ALL <3

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