Monday, June 18, 2018

"The Confession" by Rhyannon Byrd


SERIES: London Affair #3
PUBLISHER: Headline Eternal
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
SOURCE: Purchased
LINKS: Goodreads

When American art-history graduate Emmy Reed arrived in London, she was looking for an exclusive scoop on a famous reclusive artist. Encountering millionaire playboy Jase Beckett, Emmy agreed to be his date for a family wedding when she discovered that her sought-after artist was his grandfather. After a stunning weekend of intense sexual connection, neither Emmy nor Jase wanted to let go. But both had been burned by a lifetime of family tragedies and were unable to admit their feelings, so Emmy returned to San Diego. Determined to win her back, Jase followed, only to be forced to end things between them for her protection. Now, back in London, Jase is undone when Emmy shows up demanding an explanationand he can't let her go again. With her at his side, he's ready to uncover the truth about the damaging secrets that have cursed the Beckett family. But as the revelations keep coming, it's clear the danger isn't over. And all Jase and Emmy know is that they can only trust each other...


Things got really interesting in this final part, and I’m not referring to the romantic aspect but to some twisted revelations... Very dark secrets surface here, and they seriously want to make you go Hulk on everyone involved! If I already started to connect the dots and figured something out before it was revealed, I honestly didn’t think of a shocking fact that is impossible not to find disturbing. It works for the story, though, and it certainly explains the character’s behaviours. We can’t certainly justify any of them, but we get a better understanding of the whole situation and want to stay with Jace every step of the way.

An exciting, sexy, and a bit dark read. It's true that it run too fast for my taste, but I also get this is a serial and that should kinda be expected. Still, with a better pace I would have felt a bigger involvement and I’m sure I would have loved it more, but I did have a good time. If you’d like to give it a go, I would suggest you to have all the three parts at hand.

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