About Me

I'm a very creative person who always had a great passion for books and trailers. I started working with video editing and graphic softwares in College (Literature and Philosophy) and, after I got my degree in Events Management for Cinema & TV in Rome, I moved to London where I began to develop my skills and also started blogging. Reviewing books of the genres I enjoy the most has given me the opportunity to get in touch with many authors and publishers, and work with them on different projects. Now I'm a freelance writer, graphic designer, and video editor.

I bet you wouldn't have minded a bit more of fun reading my bio, huh? I might give you that by sharing a few facts with the help of some gifs :)

Every time you hear me say "I know!", you can tell I sound like Monica from FRIENDS.

Speaking of FRIENDS, my Bestie and I go like this basically every day:

I won't hide the fact that sometimes I feel like . . .

But then I do *the* dance and everything gets better :P

Now, if you read everything and feel like stalking following me via

Then . . .

And THANK YOU!!!! :D
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